Tatar-Braj Bhasha dictionary

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1даTatarBraj Bhasha
2дәTatarBraj Bhasha
3улTatarBraj Bhasha
4беләнTatarBraj Bhasha
5идеTatarBraj Bhasha
6берTatarBraj Bhasha
7дипTatarBraj Bhasha
8буTatarBraj Bhasha
9һәмTatarBraj Bhasha
10минTatarBraj Bhasha
11индеTatarBraj Bhasha
12аныңTatarBraj Bhasha
13генәTatarBraj Bhasha
14әTatarBraj Bhasha
15гынаTatarBraj Bhasha
16шулTatarBraj Bhasha
17битTatarBraj Bhasha
18өченTatarBraj Bhasha
19әлеTatarBraj Bhasha
20бикTatarBraj Bhasha
21юкTatarBraj Bhasha
22барTatarBraj Bhasha
23түгелTatarBraj Bhasha
24синTatarBraj Bhasha
25соңTatarBraj Bhasha
26шулайTatarBraj Bhasha
27икәнTatarBraj Bhasha
28аныTatarBraj Bhasha
29аларTatarBraj Bhasha
30кешеTatarBraj Bhasha
31булыпTatarBraj Bhasha
32менәTatarBraj Bhasha
33кебекTatarBraj Bhasha
34дидеTatarBraj Bhasha
35килепTatarBraj Bhasha
36торганTatarBraj Bhasha
37итепTatarBraj Bhasha
38минемTatarBraj Bhasha
39үзTatarBraj Bhasha
40безTatarBraj Bhasha
41алыпTatarBraj Bhasha
42әлләTatarBraj Bhasha
43тагынTatarBraj Bhasha
44тәTatarBraj Bhasha
45кирәкTatarBraj Bhasha
46ниTatarBraj Bhasha
47үзеTatarBraj Bhasha
48булганTatarBraj Bhasha
49ләкинTatarBraj Bhasha
50булдыTatarBraj Bhasha
51нәрсәTatarBraj Bhasha
52хәзерTatarBraj Bhasha
53вәTatarBraj Bhasha
54ничекTatarBraj Bhasha
55таTatarBraj Bhasha
56икеTatarBraj Bhasha
57аңаTatarBraj Bhasha
58булсаTatarBraj Bhasha
59тикTatarBraj Bhasha
60әммаTatarBraj Bhasha
61укTatarBraj Bhasha
62безнеңTatarBraj Bhasha
63дигәнTatarBraj Bhasha
64булаTatarBraj Bhasha
65миңаTatarBraj Bhasha
66кынаTatarBraj Bhasha
67зурTatarBraj Bhasha
68киттеTatarBraj Bhasha
69тораTatarBraj Bhasha
70күпTatarBraj Bhasha
71ниндиTatarBraj Bhasha
72сезTatarBraj Bhasha
73сүзTatarBraj Bhasha
74башкаTatarBraj Bhasha
75иңTatarBraj Bhasha
76бөтенTatarBraj Bhasha
77карапTatarBraj Bhasha
78киләTatarBraj Bhasha
79алдыTatarBraj Bhasha
80кенәTatarBraj Bhasha
81кемTatarBraj Bhasha
82турындаTatarBraj Bhasha
83синеңTatarBraj Bhasha
84минеTatarBraj Bhasha
85мондаTatarBraj Bhasha
86караTatarBraj Bhasha
87диTatarBraj Bhasha
88татарTatarBraj Bhasha
89идемTatarBraj Bhasha
90калдыTatarBraj Bhasha
91андаTatarBraj Bhasha
92әгәрTatarBraj Bhasha
93шундаTatarBraj Bhasha
94күзTatarBraj Bhasha
95шушыTatarBraj Bhasha
96аллаһTatarBraj Bhasha
97башладыTatarBraj Bhasha
98булырTatarBraj Bhasha
99сиңаTatarBraj Bhasha
100куйдыTatarBraj Bhasha