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انگریزی-نوگئی ڈکشنری پر trust کی تعریفیں

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s. - 1. ышаныч, ышану, инану; v. - 2. ышанырга; to trust in God - Аллага ышанырга
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n. ynam; n. ynanç; v. bil baglamak; v. ynanmak.
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ئىشەنچ، مەسئولىيەت، جاۋابكارلىق، قاراش ھاۋالە قىلىش، ئىشەنمەك، ئۈمىد قىلماق، تايانماق
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ishonch, ishonmoq
noun 1. a belief that something will work well or that someone will do something ○ Don’t put too much trust in his navigating skills. □ to take something on trust to take something without looking to see if it is all right ○ We took his statement on trust. 2. a legal arrangement to pass valuables or money to someone to look after ○ He left his property in trust for his grandchildren. 3. a company which manages money for its clients ■ verb 1. to be sure of someone, to be confident that someone is reliable ○ You can trust his instructions – he knows a lot about computers. ○ I wouldn’t trust him farther than I could kick him. 2. □ trust you to it is typical of you to (informal.) ○ Trust him to be late! ○ Trust them to forget to bring the food! 3. to hope or to believe ○ I trust she will not get lost. 4. □ to trust someone with something to give something to someone to look after ○ Can she be trusted with all that cash?