«convenience» у словнику Англійська-Сибірський татарин

convenience of beholding him I lay on my side so that my face was parallel to his he stood but
Додайте зміст, зображення або аудіо
ads place
ئاسانلىق، قولايلىق، ئوڭايلىق، ئەپلىك، قولايلىق شەرت شارائىت
noun 1. the fact of being convenient ○ I like the convenience of working from home. ○ We bought the house because of the convenience of the area for shopping. □ at your earliest convenience as soon as you can easily do it ○ Please return this form at your earliest convenience. 2. □ all modern conveniences, all mod cons all modern facilities such as central heating, telephone or electricity ○ The flat is advertised for sale with all mod cons.
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