Learn Bashkir with flash cards in Russian

If the data in the database is not complete, the words will be randomly selected. If there are no words in the database, the flesh cards will not be added.

Sequential acquaintance with words by their popularity.

Words with different types of affixes can be repeated in the list, since the meanings of words differ not only in spelling, but also in meaning.

The list also contains phrases and speech constructions that are often used in written and oral speech.

Since the best way to memorize words is to use them, when registering on the site, there is a function in the cards for writing sentences and saving what is written.

Many languages ​​can be added and removed from flashcards. This allows you to learn words for several languages ​​at the same time.

It is also possible to put a notification that will remind you of the last word you stopped at.

The dictionary may be incomplete or empty, but it is possible to add words, their meanings, pictures and audio.