Kazakh-Western Yugur dictionary

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1даKazakhWestern Yugur
2деKazakhWestern Yugur
3депKazakhWestern Yugur
4бірKazakhWestern Yugur
5менKazakhWestern Yugur
6олKazakhWestern Yugur
7бұлKazakhWestern Yugur
8жоқKazakhWestern Yugur
9едіKazakhWestern Yugur
10дедіKazakhWestern Yugur
11барKazakhWestern Yugur
12осыKazakhWestern Yugur
13оныңKazakhWestern Yugur
14екенKazakhWestern Yugur
15солKazakhWestern Yugur
16неKazakhWestern Yugur
17бірақKazakhWestern Yugur
18емесKazakhWestern Yugur
19алKazakhWestern Yugur
20дегенKazakhWestern Yugur
21ғойKazakhWestern Yugur
22ғанаKazakhWestern Yugur
23ендіKazakhWestern Yugur
24екіKazakhWestern Yugur
25өзKazakhWestern Yugur
26өзіKazakhWestern Yugur
27алыпKazakhWestern Yugur
28болыпKazakhWestern Yugur
29үшінKazakhWestern Yugur
30керекKazakhWestern Yugur
31жатқанKazakhWestern Yugur
32болдыKazakhWestern Yugur
33маKazakhWestern Yugur
34оныKazakhWestern Yugur
35болсаKazakhWestern Yugur
36қалдыKazakhWestern Yugur
37меніңKazakhWestern Yugur
38кейінKazakhWestern Yugur
39адамKazakhWestern Yugur
40кеттіKazakhWestern Yugur
41тағыKazakhWestern Yugur
42оғанKazakhWestern Yugur
43қалғанKazakhWestern Yugur
44тұрғанKazakhWestern Yugur
45көпKazakhWestern Yugur
46сенKazakhWestern Yugur
47қарайKazakhWestern Yugur
48соңKazakhWestern Yugur
49келіпKazakhWestern Yugur
50болғанKazakhWestern Yugur
51сияқтыKazakhWestern Yugur
52жəнеKazakhWestern Yugur
53қалайKazakhWestern Yugur
54қараKazakhWestern Yugur
55тұрKazakhWestern Yugur
56басқаKazakhWestern Yugur
57мағанKazakhWestern Yugur
58келеKazakhWestern Yugur
59бопKazakhWestern Yugur
60кездеKazakhWestern Yugur
61қарапKazakhWestern Yugur
62келгенKazakhWestern Yugur
63мынаKazakhWestern Yugur
64текKazakhWestern Yugur
65жақсыKazakhWestern Yugur
66бізKazakhWestern Yugur
67көзKazakhWestern Yugur
68жатырKazakhWestern Yugur
69бердіKazakhWestern Yugur
70күнKazakhWestern Yugur
71оларKazakhWestern Yugur
72боладыKazakhWestern Yugur
73біздіңKazakhWestern Yugur
74меKazakhWestern Yugur
75ақKazakhWestern Yugur
76еңKazakhWestern Yugur
77алдыKazakhWestern Yugur
78баKazakhWestern Yugur
79жерKazakhWestern Yugur
80қазақKazakhWestern Yugur
81қазірKazakhWestern Yugur
82отырғанKazakhWestern Yugur
83өзініңKazakhWestern Yugur
84жасKazakhWestern Yugur
85қаттыKazakhWestern Yugur
86барыпKazakhWestern Yugur
87шығыпKazakhWestern Yugur
88айтыпKazakhWestern Yugur
89тіптіKazakhWestern Yugur
90кеткенKazakhWestern Yugur
91алғанKazakhWestern Yugur
92беKazakhWestern Yugur
93пенKazakhWestern Yugur
94егерKazakhWestern Yugur
95келдіKazakhWestern Yugur
96жүргенKazakhWestern Yugur
97сөзKazakhWestern Yugur
98қандайKazakhWestern Yugur
99етіпKazakhWestern Yugur
100болатынKazakhWestern Yugur