Kazakh-Haitian Creole dictionary

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1даKazakhHaitian Creole
2деKazakhHaitian Creole
3депKazakhHaitian Creole
4бірKazakhHaitian Creole
5менKazakhHaitian Creole
6олKazakhHaitian Creole
7бұлKazakhHaitian Creole
8жоқKazakhHaitian Creole
9едіKazakhHaitian Creole
10дедіKazakhHaitian Creole
11барKazakhHaitian Creole
12осыKazakhHaitian Creole
13оныңKazakhHaitian Creole
14екенKazakhHaitian Creole
15солKazakhHaitian Creole
16неKazakhHaitian Creole
17бірақKazakhHaitian Creole
18емесKazakhHaitian Creole
19алKazakhHaitian Creole
20дегенKazakhHaitian Creole
21ғойKazakhHaitian Creole
22ғанаKazakhHaitian Creole
23ендіKazakhHaitian Creole
24екіKazakhHaitian Creole
25өзKazakhHaitian Creole
26өзіKazakhHaitian Creole
27алыпKazakhHaitian Creole
28болыпKazakhHaitian Creole
29үшінKazakhHaitian Creole
30керекKazakhHaitian Creole
31жатқанKazakhHaitian Creole
32болдыKazakhHaitian Creole
33маKazakhHaitian Creole
34оныKazakhHaitian Creole
35болсаKazakhHaitian Creole
36қалдыKazakhHaitian Creole
37меніңKazakhHaitian Creole
38кейінKazakhHaitian Creole
39адамKazakhHaitian Creole
40кеттіKazakhHaitian Creole
41тағыKazakhHaitian Creole
42оғанKazakhHaitian Creole
43қалғанKazakhHaitian Creole
44тұрғанKazakhHaitian Creole
45көпKazakhHaitian Creole
46сенKazakhHaitian Creole
47қарайKazakhHaitian Creole
48соңKazakhHaitian Creole
49келіпKazakhHaitian Creole
50болғанKazakhHaitian Creole
51сияқтыKazakhHaitian Creole
52жəнеKazakhHaitian Creole
53қалайKazakhHaitian Creole
54қараKazakhHaitian Creole
55тұрKazakhHaitian Creole
56басқаKazakhHaitian Creole
57мағанKazakhHaitian Creole
58келеKazakhHaitian Creole
59бопKazakhHaitian Creole
60кездеKazakhHaitian Creole
61қарапKazakhHaitian Creole
62келгенKazakhHaitian Creole
63мынаKazakhHaitian Creole
64текKazakhHaitian Creole
65жақсыKazakhHaitian Creole
66бізKazakhHaitian Creole
67көзKazakhHaitian Creole
68жатырKazakhHaitian Creole
69бердіKazakhHaitian Creole
70күнKazakhHaitian Creole
71оларKazakhHaitian Creole
72боладыKazakhHaitian Creole
73біздіңKazakhHaitian Creole
74меKazakhHaitian Creole
75ақKazakhHaitian Creole
76еңKazakhHaitian Creole
77алдыKazakhHaitian Creole
78баKazakhHaitian Creole
79жерKazakhHaitian Creole
80қазақKazakhHaitian Creole
81қазірKazakhHaitian Creole
82отырғанKazakhHaitian Creole
83өзініңKazakhHaitian Creole
84жасKazakhHaitian Creole
85қаттыKazakhHaitian Creole
86барыпKazakhHaitian Creole
87шығыпKazakhHaitian Creole
88айтыпKazakhHaitian Creole
89тіптіKazakhHaitian Creole
90кеткенKazakhHaitian Creole
91алғанKazakhHaitian Creole
92беKazakhHaitian Creole
93пенKazakhHaitian Creole
94егерKazakhHaitian Creole
95келдіKazakhHaitian Creole
96жүргенKazakhHaitian Creole
97сөзKazakhHaitian Creole
98қандайKazakhHaitian Creole
99етіпKazakhHaitian Creole
100болатынKazakhHaitian Creole