English-Western Yugur dictionary

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ads place
1theEnglishWestern Yugur
2andEnglishWestern Yugur
3toEnglishWestern Yugur
4ofEnglishWestern Yugur
5aEnglishWestern Yugur
6iEnglishWestern Yugur
7inEnglishWestern Yugur
8heEnglishWestern Yugur
9thatEnglishWestern Yugur
10wasEnglishWestern Yugur
11itEnglishWestern Yugur
12hisEnglishWestern Yugur
13youEnglishWestern Yugur
14withEnglishWestern Yugur
15herEnglishWestern Yugur
16asEnglishWestern Yugur
17forEnglishWestern Yugur
18hadEnglishWestern Yugur
19notEnglishWestern Yugur
20myEnglishWestern Yugur
21sheEnglishWestern Yugur
22butEnglishWestern Yugur
23isEnglishWestern Yugur
24beEnglishWestern Yugur
25atEnglishWestern Yugur
26himEnglishWestern Yugur
27haveEnglishWestern Yugur
28onEnglishWestern Yugur
29meEnglishWestern Yugur
30saidEnglishWestern Yugur
31allEnglishWestern Yugur
32thisEnglishWestern Yugur
33soEnglishWestern Yugur
34byEnglishWestern Yugur
35whichEnglishWestern Yugur
36theyEnglishWestern Yugur
37fromEnglishWestern Yugur
38wereEnglishWestern Yugur
39noEnglishWestern Yugur
40whatEnglishWestern Yugur
41ifEnglishWestern Yugur
42of theEnglishWestern Yugur
43thereEnglishWestern Yugur
44wouldEnglishWestern Yugur
45oneEnglishWestern Yugur
46orEnglishWestern Yugur
47whenEnglishWestern Yugur
48weEnglishWestern Yugur
49themEnglishWestern Yugur
50anEnglishWestern Yugur
51willEnglishWestern Yugur
52whoEnglishWestern Yugur
53areEnglishWestern Yugur
54yourEnglishWestern Yugur
55theirEnglishWestern Yugur
56beenEnglishWestern Yugur
57outEnglishWestern Yugur
58thenEnglishWestern Yugur
59doEnglishWestern Yugur
60mrEnglishWestern Yugur
61in theEnglishWestern Yugur
62upEnglishWestern Yugur
63couldEnglishWestern Yugur
64moreEnglishWestern Yugur
65veryEnglishWestern Yugur
66nowEnglishWestern Yugur
67intoEnglishWestern Yugur
68manEnglishWestern Yugur
69uponEnglishWestern Yugur
70someEnglishWestern Yugur
71likeEnglishWestern Yugur
72thanEnglishWestern Yugur
73littleEnglishWestern Yugur
74anyEnglishWestern Yugur
75knowEnglishWestern Yugur
76to theEnglishWestern Yugur
77aboutEnglishWestern Yugur
78sirEnglishWestern Yugur
79wellEnglishWestern Yugur
80timeEnglishWestern Yugur
81didEnglishWestern Yugur
82shouldEnglishWestern Yugur
83seeEnglishWestern Yugur
84howEnglishWestern Yugur
85suchEnglishWestern Yugur
86goodEnglishWestern Yugur
87hasEnglishWestern Yugur
88muchEnglishWestern Yugur
89otherEnglishWestern Yugur
90onlyEnglishWestern Yugur
91downEnglishWestern Yugur
92neverEnglishWestern Yugur
93amEnglishWestern Yugur
94comeEnglishWestern Yugur
95beforeEnglishWestern Yugur
96ourEnglishWestern Yugur
97madeEnglishWestern Yugur
98canEnglishWestern Yugur
99mustEnglishWestern Yugur
100ownEnglishWestern Yugur