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Nobody ever robs restaurants. Why not?
It's not that far off, it's not that far away.

Simba learned not to fear the past.

The scentence about “The Lion King”.

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Englisharrow-right-bold-outlineEnglish open-in-new
adv used with verbs to show the negative ○ A service charge is not included. ○ It isn’t there. ○ She can’t come. ○ He didn’t want any meat. ○ We couldn’t go home because of the fog. ○ Don’t you like coffee? □ not…either and not…also ○ She doesn’t eat meat, and she doesn’t eat fish either. ○ It wasn’t hot, but it wasn’t very cold either. (NOTE: not is often shortened to n’t and joined onto an auxiliary verb, for example is not becomes isn’t.)
ads place
Englisharrow-right-bold-outlineTurkmen open-in-new
neg. däl.
Englisharrow-right-bold-outlineTatar open-in-new
adv. - юк, түгел, ...ма, ...мә; not at all - бөтенләй юк; wheter or not - ничек кенә булмасын
Englisharrow-right-bold-outlineUyghur open-in-new
ئەمەس، بولماسلىق،
Englisharrow-right-bold-outlineUzbek open-in-new
emas, yo`q
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