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ads place
1theEnglishScots Gaelic
2andEnglishScots Gaelic
3toEnglishScots Gaelic
4ofEnglishScots Gaelic
5aEnglishScots Gaelic
6iEnglishScots Gaelic
7inEnglishScots Gaelic
8heEnglishScots Gaelic
9thatEnglishScots Gaelic
10wasEnglishScots Gaelic
11itEnglishScots Gaelic
12hisEnglishScots Gaelic
13youEnglishScots Gaelic
14withEnglishScots Gaelic
15herEnglishScots Gaelic
16asEnglishScots Gaelic
17forEnglishScots Gaelic
18hadEnglishScots Gaelic
19notEnglishScots Gaelic
20myEnglishScots Gaelic
21sheEnglishScots Gaelic
22butEnglishScots Gaelic
23isEnglishScots Gaelic
24beEnglishScots Gaelic
25atEnglishScots Gaelic
26himEnglishScots Gaelic
27haveEnglishScots Gaelic
28onEnglishScots Gaelic
29meEnglishScots Gaelic
30saidEnglishScots Gaelic
31allEnglishScots Gaelic
32thisEnglishScots Gaelic
33soEnglishScots Gaelic
34byEnglishScots Gaelic
35whichEnglishScots Gaelic
36theyEnglishScots Gaelic
37fromEnglishScots Gaelic
38wereEnglishScots Gaelic
39noEnglishScots Gaelic
40whatEnglishScots Gaelic
41ifEnglishScots Gaelic
42of theEnglishScots Gaelic
43thereEnglishScots Gaelic
44wouldEnglishScots Gaelic
45oneEnglishScots Gaelic
46orEnglishScots Gaelic
47whenEnglishScots Gaelic
48weEnglishScots Gaelic
49themEnglishScots Gaelic
50anEnglishScots Gaelic
51willEnglishScots Gaelic
52whoEnglishScots Gaelic
53areEnglishScots Gaelic
54yourEnglishScots Gaelic
55theirEnglishScots Gaelic
56beenEnglishScots Gaelic
57outEnglishScots Gaelic
58thenEnglishScots Gaelic
59doEnglishScots Gaelic
60mrEnglishScots Gaelic
61in theEnglishScots Gaelic
62upEnglishScots Gaelic
63couldEnglishScots Gaelic
64moreEnglishScots Gaelic
65veryEnglishScots Gaelic
66nowEnglishScots Gaelic
67intoEnglishScots Gaelic
68manEnglishScots Gaelic
69uponEnglishScots Gaelic
70someEnglishScots Gaelic
71likeEnglishScots Gaelic
72thanEnglishScots Gaelic
73littleEnglishScots Gaelic
74anyEnglishScots Gaelic
75knowEnglishScots Gaelic
76to theEnglishScots Gaelic
77aboutEnglishScots Gaelic
78sirEnglishScots Gaelic
79wellEnglishScots Gaelic
80timeEnglishScots Gaelic
81didEnglishScots Gaelic
82shouldEnglishScots Gaelic
83seeEnglishScots Gaelic
84howEnglishScots Gaelic
85suchEnglishScots Gaelic
86goodEnglishScots Gaelic
87hasEnglishScots Gaelic
88muchEnglishScots Gaelic
89otherEnglishScots Gaelic
90onlyEnglishScots Gaelic
91downEnglishScots Gaelic
92neverEnglishScots Gaelic
93amEnglishScots Gaelic
94comeEnglishScots Gaelic
95beforeEnglishScots Gaelic
96ourEnglishScots Gaelic
97madeEnglishScots Gaelic
98canEnglishScots Gaelic
99mustEnglishScots Gaelic
100ownEnglishScots Gaelic